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Video Surveillance

DSS has always been a leader in East Texas, particularly when it comes to video surveillance!  Analog camera systems (which are the CCTV systems that everyone generally know about) have been around for about 30 years.  With computers and mobile devices becoming more popular and mainstream, the future is in IP based camera systems.  We started installing IP camera systems 5 years ago, which is when IP systems became available and affordable.  Because of our experience in this area we can offer you more options as to which type of system best suits your needs.  We custom build many of our servers to make sure our customers get the absolute best product for their money. Call us today to find out what that future is or to get a quote for your custom system.


Video Tracking

Video tracking is the solution you need if the area that needs to be secured does not have access to the internet or power.  Construction dig sites, oil field management, and barns are some examples of where video tracking is used.  Video tracking devices work off of long lasting lithium batteries that have on average have a lifetime of  of 3-5 years.  There are both outdoor and indoor devices, and they operate off of cell signals.  When something trips the motion sensor a video clip is sent to the monitoring station where a person analyzes the video clip.  If they see something that is suspicious they alert you, ask if you want the police dispatched or they can dispatch automatically and send the clip via email.


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